18. Atlanta


it’s scientifically proven that pizza is the healthiest vegetable alive

click here for ewc’s magical secret diet plan guaranteed to shed you pounds. doctors hate him, Pizza Hut loves him



watermelon is my least favorite of all the melon no offenxe

This is SO accurate it does taste watery and nasty! And just fake overall. Yuck!

are y’all sick? now cantaloupe tho

I don’t have core classes freshman year :’)

I don’t want to just give my dick to any pair of open legs. that’d just be disrespectful to myself. I’m aware of my worth and I think who you lay with is a reflection of your selfs or at least a part. “I don’t need your pussy, I’m on my own dick”. I’m not desperate for sex. I want to connect with someone and go from there because really I can make myself come. I don’t want to hurt anyone and be that “I just wanted a nut” guy. this doesn’t necessarily mean I want a girlfriend either but just a connection beyond physical/sexual. you can read all this as my dick has never been wet and I’ll probably change my mind when it does